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Summitview Medical Centre & Pharmacy: Leading You To A Healthier Future!


Services Offered

Summitview Medical Centre is an integrated medical clinic and pharmacy located in Burnaby, BC providing services to local patients and travelers that are ill, injured, or disabled, and to people requiring life style interventions to improve their quality of health & wellness. This philosophy translates into a continuum of health delivery where your health care is integrated with the various service providers to give you the best level of care and to help you live life to the fullest.
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Health Care All In One Location

At Summitview Medical Centre we advocate a partnership in health care between doctors, pharmacists and their patients. We want health care to be effective and efficient, and we believe that such a partnership is essential for this. Our medical centre includes full Pharmacy services including Pharmaceutical compounding available at all of our partner Pharmacies. Read More…

Family and Metabolic Medicine

Our family physicians provide comprehensive primary health care. We are a family practice employing traditional and complementary medical services based on a common philosophy in patient care with our integrative health care team. Our expertise is integrating the knowledge of Western science with the practices of alternative medicine. Read More…

We have a vision for the future. We believe that medical care is shifting from the traditional model to a more progressive and integrated approach to patient care. At Summitview Medical Centre, we are focused on your wellness. Your health is the most precious thing you have – and we want to keep it that way. Specializing as your health and wellness coach we will assist you each step of the way. We treat all ages and all levels of health from acute and chronic conditions through long term prevention. Our multi-disciplinary clinic is available to all BC residents and visitors for both insured and private treatments.

We think your health starts from the inside out and provide individualized health and wellness care to support you in becoming a well balanced and healthy individual. Our approach to health care is different from that of many doctors and medical clinics. We believe that health is fostered not only through proper diet and exercise, but also by optimizing cell signaling, hormone balancing, and ongoing cellular renewal. When you integrate these therapies into a healthy lifestyle, you give your body a better capability to heal itself.