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About Us

A medical centre for your health and wellness


Our goal at Summitview Medical Centre is to empower our patients, of all ages, to make positive changes in their lives that will help them restore balance and health; helping all of our patients achieve their full health potential.

We encompass an innovative and collaborative approach employing traditional and complementary medical services based on a common philosophy in patient care with our integrative health care team. The practitioners all endeavour to combine the science of sound medical knowledge with the intuition and creative thinking that embodies the art of medicine. The health team provides specialized services to patients as the team works collaboratively with each other for the full benefit of our patients in finding solutions that address the root cause of their health concerns.


Comprehensive medical care in one location

At Summitview Medical Centre we advocate a partnership in health care between doctors and their patients. We want health care to be effective and efficient, and we believe that such a partnership is essential for this.

We ensure that care and treatment are individualized. We take a holistic approach to medicine with the sole goal of optimizing our patients’ quality of life. It brings together the primary care physician with other dedicated independent health care providers to deliver more timely care in a collaborative fashion. In family health teams, family doctors work with other health care professionals such as nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians and pharmacists to see patients and to keep them healthy.

Our integrative and all-encompassing approach to healthcare allows our patients to benefit from the virtues of multiple health services, including holistic and conventional health care, and multi-disciplinary health professionals all conveniently located under one roof.

Our specialities

Have our doctors show you how to lower cholesterol without a prescription. We help cancer patients with nutritional support. If you have diabetes, let us show you new treatment options. In short, at Summitview Medical Centre we will take a functional medicine approach to your health care needs.

We work with the whole person, rather than focusing solely on medications. Optimal health means more than the absence of disease – it means disease prevention. That’s why our in-depth consultations are based on not only the core principles of medicine, but on those of nutrition and pharmacy as well.

Whether you want to maintain your current good health, or if you already have a disease, we look at how your body works and design a treatment plan for you and you only. We do not mask your symptoms with medications, we instead try and fix the cause of the problem and use medications only when necessary.