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Personalized Health and Wellness Services

At Summitview Medical Centre, we ensure that care and treatment are individualized. We take a holistic approach to medicine with the sole goal of optimizing our patients’ quality of life.
To us, your health and the road to achieving your health are absolutely paramount. A healthy state of mind and body, and achieving a balance between the two is what inspired Summitview Medical Centre to come into being. We are more than a mere healthcare facility; we are a philosophy, a platform and recipe to achieving an optimum sense of health and well-being. Our integrative and all-encompassing approach to healthcare allows our patients to benefit from the virtues of multiple health services, including holistic and conventional health care, and multi-disciplinary health professionals all conveniently located under one roof.

We are a full service family practice, medical clinic and pharmacy providing healthcare to locals & travellers; Summitview Medical Centre accepts BC Medical Services Plan (MSP), Out of Province Insurances (except Quebec), WCB and ICBC. If you are from out of the country, have private insurance or are from Quebec we will provide you with an official receipt that you will be able to use if you want to claim the costs for the visit.

Services Offered

General Practice and Family Medicine

We offer comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Our primary care doctors are continuously refreshing their knowledge to ensure that they can provide you with the latest in preventive primary care. Family practice encompasses patient care by taking into account family, community, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion.

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Private Health

Summitview Medical Centre is offering clients wellness services and other healthcare programs that BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not cover. There are certain services that are no longer paid by MSP; these services are billed directly to the patient. These include but are not limited to sick notes, Insurance forms.

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Travel Health & Immunization Services

Staying healthy and immunized is a lifelong process. Are you fully protected? You may be looking for your yearly flu shot, need specific travel vaccines, or want to ensure that your child or teenager has the recommended vaccines for infants, children or teenagers. Planning a trip outside Canada?

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On-Site Pharmacy

Sheila Jiwan, Pharmacy Manager and Certified Metabolic Anti-Aging Medicine Consultant is our onsite Pharmacist. She specializes in healthy aging.
Sheila leads the Pharmacy team to support our physicians with the latest and current Pharmaceutical science best practices to create a comprehensive health and wellness plan to meet your particular needs.

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On-Site Compounding Pharmacy

Full service Health and Wellness, Over-The Counter (OTC) Prescription Medications and Specialty Pharmacy services are provided onsite by Pharmasave Health Centre; Your trusted source for Health Information.
Clinical Services. On site Custom Compounding of your specialty prescription.

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Diabetes Management

People with diabetes are a diverse and varied group, and therefore it must be emphasized that treatment decisions have got to be individualized. Guidelines are meant to aid in decision making, but the therapeutic decisions are made at the level of the patient-physician relationship.

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